Discounts for being a student? SWEET!

For my undergraduate degree, I went to school in a small town in the States. The biggest store was a Wal-Mart, and as far as retail goes we had a 5-store strip mall. Stores and restaurants handed out coupons a few times a year. When I went home I would sometimes remember to ask at the checkout if they had student discounts, but more often than not I forgot.

Cue: London, the Mecca of student discounts. Or so it seemed to a small-town-undergrad girl. There are SO MANY places that offer student discounts, companies that search for and advertise weekly discounts for students, websites dedicated specifically to telling students where to get the best deals, and on top of that there are almost always student “concession” prices for entry into museums, movies, venues, concerts, …basically almost everything you can imagine.

I try to take advantage of as many of these opportunities as I can. This weekend, that meant heading to the horse races at the Royal Ascot British Champions Day. Qipco offered free tickets for students, so I immediately reserved mine and began looking for cute hats. I’ll let the pictures speak for how incredible a day it was. I would never have thought about going to the races if it weren’t for the student-centered view that many companies take here, which in turn leads to some unbelievable experiences for the students in London. Just another reason studying in London is one of the best decisions I’ve made.





IMG_0557  Parade ring.

IMG_0563 IMG_0556 Betting on some horses 🙂


The queen was there too!



p30I found a cute hat..and had a cute date too 😉

Takeaway Tidbit: Find those student discounts and use them!